1. Matthias Weber

    Hi, I am interested to participate on the pre-meeting tour.

    I could join you on 6th of September in the evening (coming by train from Nuremberg), so I would not be with you visiting Prague.

    How many are you? Do you organize hotels? Lots of questions!

    Please contact me.


    • admin

      Hello Matthias,
      you will be very welcomed! At the moment there are only 4 people coming including you. Unfornatenully, but we go. We do have a couple coming from US and it is very important for us to do what we have promised to do. And I think it will be very nice ride. I prepare the schedule right now and hope to publish it tomorrow.


      Comming on 6th is OK. If you come in the evening you will have a chance to have a beer with us 🙂

      We will organize hotels. I will come with the list in about a week. All should be “cyclists friendly”.

      If you have any question, feel free to use the e-mail to contact me again.

      Have a great day!

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