Tips for them who come to Sternberk early.

You can go on your privat journey on mountain Praded  (1491 m) in Jeseniky. You must go early in the morning (120 km -return journey include )

You can go on your privat journey on Resov Waterfalls


You can go on your privat journey with your children to Gallery of Praded at small town Jirikov. There are Arboretum Paseka Makcu Pikcu and castle Sovinec on the way to Jirikov.

makcupikcu hrad-sovinec

Or very short track: Up hill and Down hill of track Ecce homo, 10 km of Uphill about.

Wednesday: 23 rd August 2017 – The Journey for mineral water at Tesikov 

1 hour there

Thursday 24 th August 2017 –  The Journey for historical velocipeds and carriages

Departure time:  9:30 maybe

Sightseeing of Museum of Historical Carriages:  12:00

Sightseeing of Palace Čechy pod Kosirem: 13:00  it includes on time or your interest

Lunch at Pencin. after 14:00 maybe early

Time of way back:

Friday: 25 th August 2017 – The Journey for special Olomouc smelly cheese to museum at Loštice with lunch at Usov.

Departure time: 9:00

Sightseeing of Museum Smelly Cheese at Loštice:  maybe 11.30

Departure time of Lostice: 13:45 (1:45 PM)

Lunch at Usov: 14:oo (2 PM)

Arrive to camp:  17:00 (5 PM), maybe early

The Race Exposition Ecce Homo Park  – simulator of town track Ecce Homo – one of oldiest race tracks in Europe, ScaleXtric for 4 racers, Playstation 3 with Grand Turismo 6 and a lot of information about race.

AZUB bazar

Saturday: 26 th August 2017 – The Visiting of Fort at Radikov 

Departure time: 09:00

Sightseeing of Fort at Radikov: 12:00

Lunch at Velka Bystrice: about 13 – 14:00

Time of way back:  1 hour

AZUB bazar

Ride of Lights

Night Sightseeing of canceled Augustinian Monastery

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